The first impression always matters…be it you, your office or your home space.

The design of your company lobby reception areas is an important aspect of your brand.

So, let’s see how you can create a modern, comfortable and sophisticated reception area that communicates your brand values.

Office Lobby Design Idea You Need To Know Right Now

#1: Comfortable and Elegant Interior

You definitely want your visitors to have a pleasant experience when they visit your office.

This is why you need to have an inviting reception area.

The key is to look out for the furniture and decor that straddles the line between comfy and elegant design.

You can always turn up to the interior design company that can guide you throughout the creation of the modern office environment.

And, also browse some of the latest design magazines for inspiration.

To make your office lobby more pleasant, you can always add small and considerate touches like:

  • Including a stand to stow wet umbrellas/coats
  • Adding elements like runner rugs
  • Magazines/company brochures to pass their time in the lobby, etc.

#2: No Confusion Style Design



Did you ever wonder about which line to join or which receptionist to approach in a large office lobby?

You know how confusing it can be.

Therefore, it is important to have no confusion style design layout for office space.

It lets your staff have a clear line of sight to the entrance so they can guide visitors as they arrive.

In case you have a large reception area, you must make wayfinding easier using signage to help visitors find their way.

Also, ensure that the elevators, bathrooms and other common destinations are marked clearly.

#3: A sophisticated brand design

The next design idea is called a sophisticated brand design.

So, think well about the message you want your reception area to convey to your visitors.

As your office lobby is their first real-world interaction with your brand.

Apart from comfort and practicality, your office lobby design must reflect your brand and it’s core values.

While decorating you must consider:

  • your company’s brand colour
  • the place of the logo design, etc.

Here’s an example of Skype lobby that has a TV on the wall and the company logo carved on the front desk.


Image source:

#4: Easy to Navigate Interior



This type of office lobby design ensures your office lobby is easy to navigate.

Your office reception is obviously a high-traffic area, therefore, it must be comfortable and also have enough seating.

With clear lines for movement between entrance, reception desk, elevators and other destinations, this type of interior design is most preferred lobby design.


When you want to design/redesign your office lobby you must pay attention to details.

You can gather data and study usage patterns to figure out the demands of the space.

Consider aspects like:

  • The maximum number of seats you need
  • The number of people travelling between the reception desk and the elevator during peak hours
  • How much time visitors spend in the reception area
  • Security and access considerations, etc.

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